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Empower Your Life With These Ideas For Journals

Whatever project I’m working on, I find that writing down my ideas is a great way to turn an idea into a reality. There are many available places where I can write ideas, on a computer, on pieces of notes strewn across the house or in a journal. In fact, future planning is one of the best ideas for journals, and I’ve found them to be an excellent way to bring life to random ideas.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are: personal or professional, a journal is a great way to plan, reflect and take action. And it isn’t just planning for a future project or career move that they’re useful for. So, here are some great ideas for journals that will help you take that next step in your life.

The Best Ideas For Journals

1. Record Daily Life In Breaks

If you’re like me, then you find it hard to remember everything that has gone on in your day. This isn’t unusual. Most people forget more than half of what has happened within twenty-four hours. That is why one of the best ideas for a journal is to record activities, events and emotions in them. A great time is when you’ve got a break. Either when you’re riding a bus, sitting in a cafe between meetings or just at home with a cup of tea.

During these moments, record what happened, how the events made you feel and what you could do better next time. You can use these journal notes later for reflection and self-improvement.

2. Celebrate The Small Wins

Every day you will be achieving small wins, even if you don’t realize it. By writing down any achievements you’ve made in your journal, you can be proud and feel positive about the day. Even something as simple as making it on-time to somewhere, when normally you’re late, can be a simple win.

The idea is to fill your journal with positive emotions and achievements that make you feel good about your day and allow you to move on positively.

3. Create Actionable To-Do Lists

One of the best ideas for a journal is to create a great list of actionable tasks to complete that will achieve your next set of goals. It could be anything from completing your training for a step up in your career or planning for a special party. A journal can be a great way for you to organise thoughts, set out must-do activities and then note when they’re done.

As you tick off items on those to-do lists, you’ll feel a sense of pride and it will encourage you to keep going.

4. Motivate Yourself With Powerful Quotes

Quotes can have a powerful impact on your daily lives. A good quote can inspire you to take action or remind you of important decisions you’re supposed to make. A good quote whether from a religious text, celebrity or other source can be there in your journal when you need it most.

For instance, one of the best quotes I keep is “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”


Ideas For Journals


5. Capture Brilliant Ideas Immediately

The best ideas don’t always come at the most opportunist time. You could be doing anything, having lunch, jogging or having a cup of coffee with friends. Having ideas is great, but at these moments isn’t great because you often find that you forget them.

Yet by having your journal close you can use it to store great ideas, whenever they come to you. Then later, when you have time, you can sit down with your ideas and flesh them out more. And what is great about this, you’ll never forget a great idea again.

6. Create Notes On Your Experiences

Whenever you watch, read or listen to something, you’re taking in a lot of information. Taking notes on this allows you to remember more about important activities you’re partaking in. It can help you improve skills and helps with recall should you need that information later.

You don’t need to write everything, word-for-word. Instead, you just need to write important snippets down that can help you later on. You might want to refer to them later, so you remind yourself of the important lessons.

7. Create Lists Of Affirmations

Even with the best intentions, you can have bad days that can make you feel depressed. This is where your journal can come in handy. When you feel down, write down positive affirmations to create a positive attitude. Some affirmations you can try include:

  • I am capable of respecting myself to handle any situation.
  • I deserve to be happy and should be confident dealing with challenging people.

Sometimes it is easier to write a whole load of affirmations in a list or you could write repeatedly to ensure it sticks.

8. Let It Go Lists

Another thing to consider is to create let it go lists. These are things that you need to forget and writing them down is sometimes the best option.

9. Create Networking Lists

Sometimes, it is not what you know but who you know. That is why it is important to network with people. Creating a networking list is a great way to check on whether you’re meeting the right people. Another great idea for your journal is to keep track of your network by ensuring that you’re writing down who and when you’ve met and when you should meet again.

10. Re-Write Questions To Make Problems Positive

There are lots of challenges in life. Yet we often see these challenges negatively. For instance: “how did I earn so little much this month?” If you make these more positive, you can change your approach to problems and be more positive. For example, you could say: “how can I earn more next month?”

Use These Ideas For Journals To Make Your Life Better

I’ve used my journal to help me plan projects for several years and I’ve learnt that it is an important tool. But journals aren’t just for projects, they can help you have a more positive life and want to start a new chapter. Use the ideas for a journal above to help you take your life to the next level.

Do you have any other ideas for journals? Let us know in the comments.

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