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Five Fantastic Ways To Use A Creative Planner

Have you ever used a creative planner? They are an excellent way to tackle the busy lifestyle that we all tend to lead. I use my creative planner all the time. It helps me to organize my thoughts and to plan the future.

If you’re new to a creative planner, it can be daunting to look at an empty page and want to fill it. Therefore, I’ve decided to come up with some of the best creative planner ideas. So, what do I recommend for your new creative planner? Here are my suggestions.


1. Build A Creative Year Planner Recollections

One of the best ways you can use a creative planner is to make it a collection of your memories for the year. This can be a scrapbook of things you’ve been to during the year, articles from the local paper that you’re interested in or cuttings about achievements from your school/work.

This creative planner idea is a great way to celebrate the past. It allows you to remember the past and for you to develop a focus on what is important to you in your life. For instance, if you put in ticket stubs from your favorite musical movies you’ve visited but not the thrillers, you know what genre of films you’re enjoying at the moment.

Producing a creative year planner recollections book is also a great idea if you want to leave something behind for future generations. There might be times when your children or grandchildren want to know about your past and you can show them this as a way to satisfy them.


2. Create A Creative Business Planner

Do you know what separates a successful business from one that fails? Planning, preparation and perseverance. A recent BBC article stated that 60% of those who start a small business will fail within five years, with 20% failing within 12 months. One of the reasons for this is that they aren’t prepared enough for the new venture.

That is where a creative business planner can really help. You can do workings about how you will manage the new business, what prices you will charge, and what costs you will incur. The more you know upfront, the more you can succeed in your new venture.

At the same time, you can also doodle logo ideas and take your creative business planner around with you as you start your new venture. You can plan the new business on your commute to work, or while taking a walk in the local park. This helps you to not forget great ideas and dismiss bad ideas that sounded great in your head, but don’t pan out when written down.


3. Develop Some Tasty Dinner Party Plans

Are you looking to develop some great dinner party plans for friends and family? Sometimes it can be hard when the previous party was such a success. However, with a creative planner you can be sure that you can plan starters, mains and deserts perfectly so everyone can be happy.

The advantage of using a creative planner is that you can ensure that you’re not excluding anyone who might have special dietary needs. Plus you can be sure that you aren’t being too dependent on your deserts (or starters). Finally, once you’ve planned the dishes, you can be sure that you can buy anything by creating one shopping list and comparing it to the dishes in the creative planner.

You can also use the planner book to help you plan what you need to do on the day to ensure the party is a success. Send out invites on time, collect responses and create a timetable to get the house/venue ready.

Once you’ve finished the party, you can also use the creative planner to make notes about what went well, and what didn’t, and to create a scrapbook of moments from the party. A little keepsake of a good moment.

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4. A Way To Interpret Dreams

One of the best creative planner ideas I’ve found is to use the planner as a way to analyze dreams. Dreams are our subconsciousnesses telling us something. Sometimes it can be warnings or opportunities. When sleeping, we don’t have time to fully reflect on what is going on, especially if the dream is stressful. However, when you’ve woken up, you’ve got more time to think.

I’ve found writing down the dream, step-by-step and then connecting actions or events in the dream to what is currently going on in life. This can make nonsensical dreams seem more relevant to what is going on in my life. It can also help me to make decisions on things that have sometimes been bothering me recently.

This method is also really good for dealing with bad dreams. I’ve found that writing them down, including my emotions, really does allow me to stop worrying about things that have happened in them.


5. Doodling

While it might seem unproductive to some, doodling has long been associated with lots of benefits. Studies in the UK have found that those who doodle have 40% retention of new information. Other research has also found that doodling can help speed up the learning process, allowing you to take in new subjects faster than the average person. Therefore, if you’re currently studying for a new qualification, doodling can be really helpful.

In addition, doodling can be great for controlling emotions and stress, which can sometimes be overwhelming. There are many studies that have found the connection between emotion control and stress relief from doodling and coloring, so perhaps you can keep a creative planner to help you.

Doodling is also linked to helping people see the bigger picture, which is one of the best benefits of having a planner book. Seeing the bigger picture can help you make key decisions when you need them most.


What Will You Use Your Creative Planner Book For?

There are many uses for your creative planner book. The five above are my favorite and what I tend to use mine for. If you have any ideas, we would love to hear them in the comments below.

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