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Six Ways You Can Use Morning Journals

If you ever wake up in the morning with worry or uncertainty of how you’re going to tackle the day ahead, then you need to consider these morning journals prompts. I’ve found that using a morning routine journal is useful for focusing your efforts during the day. This helps you to be more productive and achieve bigger and better goals.

Some of the biggest celebrities, J.K. Rowling, Eminem and Oprah all keep a journal and use it to plan their days. While it isn’t the only thing that makes them successful, they do help.

So, here are some of the ways that you can use morning journals to make your days more productive and place you on a path to success.

1. Setup Your Daily To-Do List

The first thing that you should be doing is to create a to-do list for your day. A to-do list can focus you on what needs to be done. You can split your to-do list into three categories: must do, should do and would like to-do. The must do are the items that can’t wait for another day because it will cause problems and the should do’s are those which should be done, but aren’t essential. The would like to do’s are those items that aren’t necessary at all.

Once you’ve created these three types of actions on your to do lists, you can plan your day by ensuring you’ve got the time to complete the top list. As you complete tasks, you can cross them off.

Creating your to-do list on the next day on your morning routine journal should be easier because you only need to use items that you’ve not completed that day. You can also add in any other tasks that might have come about from the previous day.

2. Create Positive Moments In Your Mourning Journal

Your mourning journal should be about things that you’re looking forward to in the day. Are you meeting a special friend? Got an important meeting that you’re excited about? Or perhaps you’re going shopping for a friend’s birthday gift? Write down these moments and your emotions about the moment.

You can reflect on these events in the evening and decide whether your emotions matched the final experience. This can help you create lasting memories that setup more realistic expectations next time. This can help you stop from being disappointed next time if the event doesn’t live up to your expectations.


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3. Describe The Morning Around You

One of the best things about morning journals is that they give you an opportunity to take in the environment around you and reflect. Look at the day and the weather. Describe the weather and how it makes you feel.

The weather can have a profound impact on our emotions. So, it is always good to spend some time in the morning to look at the weather and assess how we think that is going to make you feel during the day.

4. Explore Your Dreams

Dreaming is one of the pleasures of sleeping. They’re also an insight into our emotions and experiences. Dreams are our subconscious mind trying to put together everything that has been going on in our day and sorting it out. By writing it down in a morning journal you can look at the events that have played out at night and see how they relate to your previous day.

Start of by writing about your dreams. What happened? Who was involved? How did it make you feel? Then look at these and connect them to what has happened recently. Perhaps something in the future is worrying you more than you would like to admit, or perhaps you’ve had an exciting day.

If you’ve had bad dreams, this can help you to calm you down and assess how bad they really were. Dreams can’t harm you physically, but they can be an emotionally draining part of your life. Sharing those moments in a book can be a great way to clear your mind to allow you to focus on the upcoming day.

5. Create A Poem

The morning is a great time to be creative. You’re alert and at your most creative. So perhaps this is the time to get some poetry writing into your day. I know when I am writing, the early morning, before breakfast, is when my creative writing is best. The later in the day, the harder I find it to write.

Therefore, use the morning to spend some time crafting a poem. You could create one based on emotions, past experiences or future plans. By the end of a month, you could have a good collection on your hands.

6. Reflect On The Previous Day

Sometimes it isn’t about looking forward, but looking back. Having a bad day will happen from time-to-time and analyzing what happened on the day can sometimes be counter-productive. Instead, you need some rest to look at the situation fresh in the morning. This is where the morning journal can come and help.

By using it as a reflective tool, you can make plans to counter the negative impact of the previous day. In the morning journal you should write an accurate portrayal of the events that were negative, how they made you feel and what can be done differently to improve the situation.

This might take some time, but at the end of writing in your morning journal, you might be able to find some peace and solutions to the bad day.


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Using Your Morning Routine Journal For A Better Day

Many people across the world use a morning journal to help them be productive through the day. There are many different ways you can use a morning routine journal, like those written above, and each one can help you grow as a person and be more productive. They can also help you reach the next chapter in your life, helping you to achieve life-long goals and be happier.

How would you use a morning journal? Let us know in the comments below.

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