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Habit Trackers: 16 Everyday Habits You Can Track

Habit trackers are very useful tools that can help you improve your life. There are so many habit tracker ideas, that sometimes you might forget some of the possibilities. In addition, you might want to keep track of certain things because it is easy to overdo/not get enough of certain aspects.

For instance, many people eat too many calories if they don’t monitor their intake. Or you might not drink enough or get enough exercise in a day. So, here are some of the top 16 habits you can keep track of in a bullet journal.

If you’ve got any more habit tracker ideas, you can always let us know in the comments.

1. Water Consumption

Water is pretty important. Two-thirds of our body is made up of it. It is also important to ensure that we drink enough every day to maintain proper health. The average person needs to consume at least 8 glasses a day of water. If you are physically active, this can increase significantly. This is also an easy one to forget.

2. Calorie Intake

If you’re looking to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, or just watch how much you’re eating, then you need to have a habit tracker journal. Calorie intakes are very important when you’re watching your shape/weight. They’re also useful for those who struggle to eat at times and need to be reminded of how much they should really consume.

3. Caffeine Intake

The average person in the US consumes about 3.1 cups of coffee per day. If you feel that you’re drinking too much, then you can use habit trackers to ensure that you aren’t exceeding the recommended level or the average amount.

4. Exercise

If you’re looking to keep fit and healthy, then keeping track of your exercise is important. It is all too easy to do too much of one type of exercise and over exert one area of your body and ignore other parts. For great exercise routines, you should be ensuring that all muscles are equally exercised. This is where the habit tracker journal can become very helpful.


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5. Takeaways/Meals Out

Like many Americans, you probably order in or eat out at least once a week. However, takeaways are often high in calories and expensive. If you want to keep a tight control on the budget, use a habit tracker to monitor how much you’re spending on meals out or ordering from the local takeaway.

6. Spending Habits

Shopping therapy might be a good way to wash away the blues, at least for a short time, but it can also mean that you are spending your savings. Using a tracker can help you see when you’re spending too much and what you’re spending it on. This allows you to stop spending and make savings for that special purchase you’ve been waiting for.

7. Savings

Likewise, it is always great for you to keep track of your savings. This is a good option if you want to buy your own home soon and are looking to save enough for a deposit. A savings tracker can see how much you’re putting away each month and how much you’ve got left to save.

8. Education Trackers

Are you looking to keep a track on your child’s success at school? Then you could use a tracker to keep an eye on their performance on a term-by-term basis. This can help you decide whether or not you need to buy more tutor time for your children.

9. House Jobs

Are you someone who always gets behind on your housework, or wants to complete projects but always forgets? Then use a habit tracker journal to keep an eye on all the tasks that need to be done, when they are done and how long they take. It helps you to get an idea of when you’re more productive at housework.

10. Sports Events

When you’re a dedicated follower of a sports team, you want to remember a lot of facts about the team, players and coach. Habit trackers can be a great way to keep this information. In addition, it can tell you how many games you’ve been to in the season and how many you’ve missed.


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11. Clothes Tracker

Keep an idea of what you’re wearing at certain events so you never wear the same item twice. Clothes trackers can alert you to when you’ve worn a favorite outfit too much. You can also keep a note if someone in a particular social circle has unfortunately purchased a matching or similar outfit to you, so you know when to wear it and when not to. This means you can still wear your on-trend item to some events.

12. Time On Social Media

Are you someone who spends too much time on Facebook/Twitter or another social media channel? Then perhaps a tracker can help you to come off it and be more engaged with your friends and family in the real world. Of course, this is something that you’ve got to be honest about.

13. Success

For those who suffer from depression and anxiety, you might find it useful to keep track of your successes. Every day you should write down something that has gone well and look over it regularly to show you how great life really is.

14. Social Events

Sometimes it can be too easy to spend too much time with your friends and not enough time with your family. Tracking social events can let you know when you’ve been out too much and not spent enough time at home with your family.

15. Book Reading Tracker

Are you looking to read a classic in time for Christmas, summer or another time? Then use habit trackers to monitor your progress reading the book. You can write down the number of pages that have read that day as well as what happened in the chapters you’ve read. This can show you when you’ve lost some interest in your book and need to re-engage with it.

16. Relax/Me Time

Do you ever feel that you don’t get enough relaxation or me time? Then perhaps you need to keep a journal so you can see exactly how much (or little) you get. This can be used then to find out how much you’re missing and you can start getting back some of your time to ensure that you’re resting enough to be more productive.


There are plenty of habits you can keep an eye on using habit trackers. We’ve mentioned just a few of the possibilities. If you’ve got some more ideas, let us know in the comments below.

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