Best Academic Planner For College Students

What To Look For In The Best Academic Planner For College Students

With college starting soon, some of you might want to buy a college planner to help you organize your day and remember all those important classes and social events. Yet what are you looking for in the best planner for college students? There are many aspects that make a great academic planner, here are some of the things that you should be looking for.


Plenty Of Space To Write Down Information

There is a lot of information to remember when you’re a college student. Your academic planner needs to have enough space for you to include information about all the events that are upcoming and what you might need for those events.

For instance, if you have a maths class on Monday morning, you might need to remember that you have to take certain equipment for the lesson, assignments or a text book. Alternatively, you might have a party to attend one night that requires fancy dress.

In addition, there are lots of other things you might need to remember while on campus. You might need to get some more text books or pick up some food on the way back to your dorm.

With the best planner for college students, you can be sure that there is a lot of space for this information. You should have space to list times when you need to be somewhere and put down the times yourself.


Space To Write Notes

Bullet journals are a useful tool for anyone. They can help you formulate ideas, make plans and organize your thoughts. A good academic planner is something that gives you the space for bullet journaling. This could be in the form of a notes section in the back of your college journal.

We’ve covered some ideas for bullet journals in another article; however, here are some ideas that might be of interest to you as a college student:

  • Essay plansensure that you’re creating great essays to get top marks during your course.
  • Career plansinclude plans on what you want to do once you’ve graduated.
  • History of gradestrack your grades across semesters as you progress through your course. This can help you improve your grades and achieve better.
  • Research notessometimes you need to write down research notes from the field or during studies/surveys that you’ve found.

Note sections of your academic journal might also be a great place for mental health. Doodling can be a great way to de-stress; helping you to be more productive and to absorb more information; things that are important if you’re a student.


Keeping A Timetable

During a year, you’re going to have a specific timetable for your classes. The best planner for college students will give you space where you write down your regular classes. This can help you manage your routine and ensure that you don’t miss any classes.

The problem is, that your timetable might change during semesters or during part of the year. So ensure there is space for you to change your timetable should that be needed.


Best Academic Planner For College Students


Space For Journaling

Keeping a journal about your feelings and the experiences you’ve had can be really good for your mental health. It can help organize your thoughts about what you’ve experienced during the day and how it has made you feel. Those who don’t write journals can sometimes find that they have negative thoughts about the day and this can create anxiety.

Those who are known to suffer from depression or anxiety can specifically find benefit from keeping a journal. An academic journal can be a great space to write just a few lines each day about the day and emotions.

Over the long term, you can review what you’ve written and see that it isn’t as bad as you might remember it.


Places Where You Can Write Down Contact Information

While at college you will find that there are lots of new contacts to make. This can be professors that run your course, students you’re working on group assignments with and potential employers after you’ve finished the degree. This is a lot of information to remember and it is best to look at your journal to keep this information stored.

You can use your notes section or a contacts section in the best planners for college students to store this vital information. To help you organize the contact list, you can color code contacts. You could use red for professors, green for recruiters, etc..

Contact information can contain lots of information nowadays too. So, ensure there is space there for a landline, cell phone and email address. Typically you don’t need an address, but for some you might need this information.


Space For Budgeting

Being at college isn’t cheap. You can have limited income and lots of expenses. That is why you need to have some space for monitoring your finances. In your academic planner, you can have space to note down your income, expenses and what it was spent on.

Budgeting is one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t get into financial trouble while at college. It can show you when you’re spending too much on particular items and when you need to reduce expenditure. It can also help you keep an eye on incomes, making sure you’re getting paid enough from any part-time work or adhoc work that you’ve undertaken.


Do You Need The Best Journal For College Students?

An academic journal is an excellent tool for your studies and time at college. It can help you with getting the best grades while still remaining social with your peers. There are many options on the market, but few can claim to be the best journal for college students. At transcending waves, we believe we have a great journal that can fit your academic needs. Not only does our journal look great, it has all the features you need to help you be productive and successful at college.

Have a look at our academic journal here. We also provide free journal printouts for those who have already bought one of our journals.

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